Sell Us Your Car

Are you looking to sell your vehicle? Here at the St. Louis Car Museum, our expert staff actively seeks quality investments with the goal of expanding our diverse inventory. Currently, our staff has a special interest in 1950+ models, American Classics, Import Exotics, Luxury brand vehicles, and all Sports Cars. 

Alternatively, you may consider consigning your classic or collector car with us which will ensure immediate exposure to millions of active buyers around the world. This is thanks to our trusted partnerships with leading automotive platforms, such as, HemmingsEbay Motors & more! Along with gaining prominent online exposure, our competitive monthly consignment rates allow for your vehicle to be beautifully showcased on our showroom floor, where your treasured ride may bring great joy to our museum-goers, all while being actively promoted and securely stored within our 100% climate-controlled facility! 

Whether you are interested in selling or consigning your vehicle, we do ask that cars submitted are complete, rather than disassembled or in restoration (project) condition, and are also ready to drive under normal road conditions.


Email Vehicle Details + Photos to INFO@STLOUISCARMUSEUM.COM

Please Ensure These Angles/Parts Are Included:

  • Right side
  • Left side
  • Front
  • Rear
  • Interior dash
  • Interior seats
  • Engine Compartment
  • Trunk 

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