Toys for Tots and St. Louis Car Museum are Teaming Up!

‘Tis the season to help out your community. One way businesses can do this is by helping out local charities. This year we have chosen to team up with The Marine Toys for Tots Program to help out some of the local kids that may not have the opportunity to receive any presents this year. No child should go without receiving a toy or present during Christmas. The holidays are for giving and helping. It’s more about what you put out and not what you get in return. Sometimes we forget that. Sometimes we get lost in our own little world and get so caught up in our busy schedules, that we forget about those not as fortunate as we may be. Toys for Tots is a great charity that never forgets about anyone. With drop-off spots all over the city and county, you can expect they will help thousands of kids this year, as they do every year. 548 million toys have been distributed to date and 251 children have been supported during the existence of Toys for Tots. Since 1947 the US Marine Corps has assisted so many kids and given hope to those less fortunate. Here at the St. Louis Car Museum we want to continue that trend and help set that example for our community. So please, if you have any spare time or your feeling charitable, purchase a new and unwrapped toy, bring it to the museum, drop it off in our Toys for Tots box, take a tour of the museum with half price admission, see some amazing cars, and give to children during this Christmas season.

donate toys to toys for tots

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