STLCM Car Auction Website and App!

STLCM Car Auction Website and App!

The first car auction app (for iPhone and Android) and car auction website without the hassle of buyers fees! The final winning bid price is the price you pay! No we are not kidding!

Our auction format will allow for buyers of our inventory to avoid the normal commissions they would experience at typical online and live auction formats.  We will allow potential buyers of our hand-selected vehicles to be able to bid with ease, with the comfort to know that the final bid price is the absolute price, no fees added!  As we adjust to this new format of selling, we ask our fans and email subscribers to share this new mobile app with their friends and any collector car enthusiasts they know.  The more subscribers we have, the more likely our realistic set reserves will be met during the bidding process.

As with any new technology, it will take time for the  STLCM Car Auction Website and App to develop enough subscribers to grow into a normal network of true bidders.  Each new mobile app user will be submitted for approval to bid on our auctions once they go live.  This will require a credit card security feature to ensure all bidders are held liable for their bids and ensure all bids are accountable towards the final purchase, assuming the reserve has been met.  Increments of our bidding will be set at a minimum of $250 will no limit of advances.  Final payment options will include traditional cashier’s check, bank wire transfer, or financing options if preapproved prior to the end of auction.

We plan to list intimate catalogs of around 20 vehicles per auction.  Each auction timeframe will be listed for 7 days to ensure users have a chance to see and review vehicles well in advance.  We will always remain available by phone for any questions, and in our showroom during normal business hours for prospective buyers to review the listings in person.  No vehicle will be sold outside of the auction period.

We hope the STLCM Car Auction Website and App method of offering new inventory to classic car buyers will be a unique way for us to stay competitive but more importantly allow our freshest vehicle inventory to find its way to the garages of our most faithful of website followers!  Download today and bid with comfort!


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