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Arden D. (Weatherford, Ok)

Jon, just wanted to thank you again for all of your help in building one of the finest collections, I think, of classic cars and motorcycles in Oklahoma (maybe the Southwest). You will recall that it all started with the 1982 Excalibur. WOW. I had seen one on a turnpike here in Oklahoma and almost wrecked looking at it. Well, when I saw the one you were offering, spoke with you at length about it, and read all of the wonderful descriptors you had furnished on the website, then researched the Excalibur and it’s designer/builder, I was sold and had to have it. As I said, that’s where it all started… Lord only knows where it will stop. Since that purchase, I have bought a number of vehicles from your company, each of which met or exceeded my expectations. I am having fun reliving my younger days when the old pocket book would never have supported owning these beauties, but alas, good things come to those who wait and now I am able to afford my toys. Everyone who has visited my “museum” or toy box as I call it, are amazed and always ask “Where in the world did you ever find these beautiful cars?” All I can say is if you are looking for a well described and educated offering of a classic automobile, motorcycle, or boat you should check the inventory at St. Louis Car Museum and Sales, and although I’ve not had personal contact with all of the sales folks, I can certainly recommend Jon Faust and I know you will be impressed with his professional abilities and service. But let me say too, that if you see something you like, you’d better not wait… I missed a gorgeous ’58 Impala convertible by 15 minutes a few months ago. If you see something you like, jump in, the water’s fine……. Thanks,

Joe L. (Sydney, Australia)

Hi, I’d just like to thank St Louis Car Museum for the great experience of buying my ’65 Mustang Fastback R Model. Jon Faust was our sales person and he was extremely helpful, professional and polite. I purchased this car unseen from Australia after over 8 months of looking at ads from many car resellers and private owners. With many other cars that I had seen, I was uncomfortable that I was being taken advantage of because I wasn’t there to see the car in person. Photos were often blurry or taken from too far away to really see the car and if there were issues. With Jon and St Louis Car Museum I felt real confidence and relief that I was dealing with people and a company of integrity. Jon even helped me ship the car to my dad’s in Georgia so we could enjoy it together for a few weeks before I put it on the ship to Australia. We really enjoy driving the car!

After hearing all of my dad’s stories about the Mustangs he owned and raced in the 60’s – a 65, 66, 67 and a 69 Mach 1, it is my dream come true to own this car and experience what it was like to drive the car that started it all just as it was back in 1965.

Thanks to Jon and St Louis Car Museum!

Dennis T. K (St. Louis, MO)

I was on my iPhone one evening and through a website connection on my cell phone I became aware of a 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline Aero Sedan “Woody” for sale through the St. Louis Car Museum and after viewing the 70 photos that accompanied the ad, I got in contact with my salesman Alex and asked if the car drove as good as it looked? He suggested a personal drive the next day (as I lived in the St. Louis area), and after setting a 10:00am appointment I arrived and he was waiting to greet me. After a comprehensive tour of their beautiful facility and automobile inventory of “previously pampered” classic cars (I felt like a kid in a candy store), he took me for a spin in the ’48 Chevy and then let me drive it (by myself). After a few “miles of smiles” tooling around in it, I returned and we completed the transaction and the deal was sealed within 3 days. I choose to store my new baby in their environmentally controlled facility, and have shown it every weekend since my purchase one month ago, winning 3 first in class and one Best of Show awards thus far. Besides Alex who is eager, professional and knowledgeable, Jon (the sales manager), Richard, Andy, and Kevin (mechanics and support staff) and the friendly office staff have made feel like I’m part of the family, and have transcended the business relationship, and have established a personal relationship as well. I’d recommend this fine organization and their outstanding automobile inventory to anybody looking for an excellent product at a fair price. In fact, after seeing the car I purchased, my classic car insurance carrier offered to raise the insurable amount by 20% more than what I paid for it, so I know I received a fair price for an excellent classic car! I’ve already put 300 miles on my “baby” and that’s 300 more miles than it was driven during the last 30 years! It handles beautifully, is solid, tight and just turned 38,000 original miles on the odometer. I’m looking forward to many more years and miles of driving it, and a continuation of the professional and personal attention that I receive from the St. Louis Car Museum in the coming years.

Gary N. (Clyde, MI)

I found a vehicle online with St. Louis Car Museum one evening while going out to dinner, yes I was in the car and my wife was driving. I called about the vehicle and spoke to Alex, then after looking at the many pictures that were on the site, I decided to leave a deposit on the vehicle over the phone. Alex sent me more pictures that night. I was going to make the trip to St. Louis to inspect the vehicle. Alex was sincere about the description and talking to him, I felt very comfortable. I decided to buy the vehicle and have it shipped to my home. I wired the money, the car was delivered and was in better condition than I expected. Alex kept me informed and in the loop during the whole process by e-mail or phone. I am completely satisfied with the purchase and experience with St. Louis Car Museum.

Thank you!