Sell Us Your Car!

The St. Louis Car Museum & Sales is always seeking new, quality showroom investments and would invite any collector thinking of selling their special interest vehicle to contact us directly. Many would agree that we have a very diverse selection of collectibles at any given time, so just about anything with wheels will garner our consideration. We have a current special interest in 1950’s and newer American Classics, Muscle Car, Import Exotics, Sports Car, and Luxury brand vehicles. We do ask that cars be complete, not completely disassembled or in restoration (project) condition. We also prefer vehicles that can be safely drivable under normal road conditions, but if you have a vehicle that has been resting for some time, just be sure to include as many details as possible with your submission.

You have a vehicle you wish for us to review?

Please submit the following form and attach some detailed pictures. We will be in touch soon afterward!

Upload Pictures Of These Angles/Parts:

  • Right side
  • Left side
  • Front
  • Rear
  • Interior dash
  • Interior seats
  • Engine Compartment
  • Trunk