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We are updating the app with a new catalog of vehicles to bid on soon!  Our auction format allows our buyers to avoid the standard commissions they experience at common auction formats. We want to provide the potential buyers of our hand-selected vehicles to bid with ease and comfort. Our potential buyers should be comfortable knowing their final bid price is their actual price with no additional fees added. The more subscribers we have, the more likely our realistic set reserves met during the bidding process.

As with any new technology, it takes time for mobile apps to acquire subscribers to grow into a healthy network of genuine bidders. All new app users must go through an approval process to bid on our auctions. Bidders are required to provide a credit card to ensure they are held liable and that bids get applied towards the final purchase. Setting a $250.00 minimum bidding increment is required. Advances have no additional bidding limits. Final payment options include cashier’s check, bank wire transfer, or financing options if pre-approved before the end of the auction, assuming the bidder has met reserves.

We plan to list intimate catalogs of around 20 vehicles per auction.  Each auction time-frame is recorded for seven days to ensure users have a chance to see and review the vehicle thoroughly in advance.  As always, we remain available by phone for any questions, and in our showroom, during regular business hours for prospective buyers to review the listings in person. We do not sell auction vehicles outside of the auction period.

We hope this unique method of offering new inventory to classic car buyers allows for us to stay competitive and more importantly allow our freshest vehicle inventory to find its way to the garages of our most faithful of website followers! Download today and bid with comfort!

We ask that you share this new Car Auction App with every car enthusiast you know!