1967 Porsche
912 Coupe

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1967 Porsche 912 Coupe
  • Vin: 354024
  • Engine: 1600cc
  • Cylinders: Inline 4
  • Transmission: 4-speed Manual
  • Title: Clear
  • Exterior Color: Slate Grey
  • Interior Color: Black Vinyl
  • Mileage: 97,368
  • Price: SOLD!

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Regarding This Vehicle

1967 Porsche 912 Coupe

Beautifully documented, number’s matching 912 Coupe in desired Slate Grey over Black!  Completely rust free example with ownership history from new!  The original owner preserved and cherished this car for the first 23 years!  Comes with original books, warranty card, nearly all service records, workshop manual, tools, and more!  It was professionally restored in 1998, and the results are exceptional! 

Porsche was well into development of the new 911 platform with an introduction of a six cylinder power plant, while reserving a special place at the same time to keep the former 356 engine available for select buyers. After years of parts design and availability of this four cylinder variant, Porsche knew it would be foolish to simply abandon the engine that buyers had come to love for its ample power and reliability. This engine would be transplanted into the newly designed body shape in 1965 as the 912 model. It offered great weight distribution, excellent handling, and strong fuel range.   Immensely popular, affordable, fun, and sporty, the Porsche 912 had a place on the showrooms through 1969 before it was discontinued. Approximately 5,300 units were built each year over that period, but it is hard to know how many continue to survive today. For collectors, they represent a stellar blue chip investment as prices continue to soar year after year!

We couldn’t be more pleased to represent this 1967 Porsche 912 Coupe! Documented from brand new, this factory Slate Grey (6601-G) over Black Leatherette coupe is truly splendid throughout! This example sold to its original owners, Alexander & Dorothy Brownlee in May 1967 from South Import Motors, Inc. with 81 miles on the odometer. Both served as professors at University of Chicago until 1968, then retired to Ouray, Colorado. He served as the Statistics Professor and she as a Virologist studying biochemistry and microbiology in the “cold” laboratory. Both were incredibly gifted in academics, and enjoyed mountain climbing, hiking, and skiing in their retirement. The car was their sole pride and joy for transportation and they held onto their treasure until 1990, only changing hands through formal trust after their passing.

This gift was handed over to their lifelong friend, Dr. Richard Smith, in April 1991. The car spent only one year in Santa Fe, NM with Alexander Brownlee after Dorothy was buried one year earlier. Provided photos taken of the car while in Santa Fe prove the car remained in sensational, garage kept condition! Dr. Smith had the Porsche professionally shipped back to Park Forest, IL with only 89,696 miles on the odometer. Having been largely unused during Mr. Brownlee’s later years, it was in need of some basic cosmetic restoration along with some new Boge shocks, Dansk exhaust, etc. Dr. Smith elected to have the entire engine rebuilt in March 1992 at Bug Clinic, Inc. based in South Chicago Heights, IL. At the incredible cost of $6500, the original number’s matching 1582cc engine (#750030) was meticulously rebuilt from the inside out with new pistons & cylinders, piston rings, all new main & crank bearings, rod bearings, camshaft & lifters, crankshaft seals, pushrods tubes, intake valves, rebuilt fuel pump, oil sending unit & temp sensor, oil lines, all filters, ignition wires, distributer cap, rotor, & points, rebuilt Solex carburetors, resurfaced & balanced flywheel, flywheel gasket, resurfaced pressure plate, clutch release bearing, new clutch, valve cover gaskets, and more! Every nut, hose, clamp, etc. was cleaned & refurbished or replaced for brand new.

After several years of enjoyment, Dr. Smith decided to part ways with the Porsche in May 1997 with 93,083 miles on the odometer. The next owner would be Virgil “Bo” Leslie of Fort Wayne, IN. He immediately decided to have the car completely stripped to bare metal, totally repainted, and all new window seals, lenses & headlamp seals, all weather stripping, bumper seals, and fender seals installed. The process began with a rust free body that was stripped for all trim, chrome, and window glass. It was repainted superbly with a base coat/clear coat application to smooth, glasslike results! All door weather stripping, window seals & felts, and hood seal were replaced. This was all completed in July 1998 by Vorderman Auto Body and Restoration in Fort Wayne, IN. All window glass remains SEKURIT brand, along with a factory SIGLA windshield. The interior carpet matting, COCO woven floor mats, rear luggage straps, and front seat upholstery & padding are also new as of 2008. And more recently in 2012, all of the engine sound dampening material was replaced and the metal engine shrouds themselves all stripped and power-coated in gloss black, the engine presentation continues to show as nothing short of concours!

Like the entire body, underneath this gorgeous 912 the chassis remains all original without any rust repairs ever recorded. A remarkable testament to the care and protection it has received over the years! The wheels were power-coated in Bengal Silver and wrapped in Verdestein Sprint Classic 165HR15 radial tires in 2012. The entire braking system was overhauled starting with calipers that were rebuilt & painted, with new pads and rotors, lines& hoses. You will be hard pressed to find another Porsche 912 with this much attention to detail for the money! From the fresh under hood presentation with all new carpet, matching spare tire, tool bag (missing most tools) through to the rear engine compartment, it is joy to look over! It will also come complete with original owner’s manual, dealer service booklet with service recorded through the first 24,600 miles, Blaupunkt radio card & Hirsch antenna key, 912 service handbook, and nearly all records from brand new! Please feel free to call with any additional questions or to schedule a chance to view this wonderful vehicle in person! We look forward to working with you soon!


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