1933 Ford
Model 40 Deluxe Rumble-Seat Roadster

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1933 Ford Model 40 Deluxe Rumble-Seat Roadster
  • Vin: 18424894
  • Engine: 221ci
  • Cylinders: Flathead V8
  • Transmission: 3-Speed Manual
  • Title: Clear / MO
  • Exterior Color: Black
  • Interior Color: Brown
  • Mileage: 49,775
  • Price: SOLD!

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Regarding This Vehicle

1933 Ford Model 40 Deluxe Rumble-Seat Roadster

Investment grade all steel ’33 Roadster! One of only 4,223 built! Finished to Early Ford V8 standards! It’s all in the details and every last nut and bolt has originality in mind!

Continuing upon the success of the ’32 Ford, with its mildly revised bodywork and newly introduced Flathead V8, Ford upped the ante for 1933. The x-frame chassis was lengthened four inches to 112, the fenders were valanced, new center-dip single piece bumpers were incorporated and the iconic sloping shovel grille was used for the first time. All 1933 Fords received an updated 75 horsepower Flathead V8 that experienced revised cooling, improved ignition, aluminum cylinder heads and higher compression. All 1933 Fords left their respective factories with black fenders and 17 inch wire wheels. Calendar year sales totaled 311,113 units in over ten body styles. Many of these cars were hot rodded and finding a good, honest original car gets tougher every year. As such, they are valued by collectors the world over!

We are exceptionally excited to offer this 1933 Ford Model 40 Deluxe Roadster! The car is finished in a classic shade of Black with Aurora Red double pinstripe and matching 17” wire wheels! The interior and rumble seat are finished in brown vinyl by LeBaron Bonney. The car is powered by its correct and original 221ci Flathead V8 with 21-stud aluminum heads, Detroit Lubricator single barrel downdraft carburetor and 3-speed floor-shift manual transmission. This Roadster has several notable options and features including Deluxe cowl lights and twin Sparton CL-4 horns, dual wind wings with Ford safety glass, front and rear bumperettes, vacuum wiper, rare Ford radio with underdash speaker, rubber floormat, tilt-out windshield, cowl vent, beveled rear-view mirror, rumble-seat storage compartment and more! The car rides on the aforementioned freshly painted 32-spoke painted wire wheels with V8 hubcaps and brand new 5.25/5.50-17 Firestone Deluxe Champion gum-dipped double-sided wide whitewall tires!

This Roadster’s history is known and documented from the 70s, where it was purchased by a Ford collector in Pennsylvania. About 2/3 completed, it was finished over the next 4 years and by 1980 was a complete example worthy of show-going but rarely left the garage. It was purchased by the previous owner in 2010, a year after receiving a brand new custom fitted top and side curtains finished in LeBaron Bonney T-14 Olive Drab done to Pebble Beach fit and finish standards. After 30 years, the car was still in remarkable show-worthy condition and it was at this time that every last radiator hose, clamp and valve stem cover be corrected to V8 Ford Club judging standards. As it sits, it is a testament to originality.

Today, this ’33 Ford is difficult to criticize. Mechanically and cosmetically, this example shows virtually no indication of its 35 year old restoration and will fool a trained eye into thinking it is much newer. The interior, exterior, motor and undercarriage are all highly detailed and fitted with correct components. The car will come with side curtains (with a bag) and a boot cover (also with a bag). The car represents one of only 4,223 Deluxe Roadsters built in 1933 and one that is all steel and correct down to the nut and bolt. We would invite any additional questions and encourage interested parties to call and/or schedule an appointment to view the car in person. Thanks for looking!


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