History of Saint Louis Car Museum

Joe Scott Jr. purchased this former 55-lane Bowl-A-Rama facility after it had gone out of business in 1994. It was the largest bowling alley in the area spanning over 55,000 square feet.  In the garage where the cars are moved in and out of the museum, the original bowling pin character, Mr. Rama, still remains preserved in the deco tile floor. This building is perfect for housing cars due to the fact there are no support columns and was already climate controlled. It makes it easy to maneuver cars around the showroom floor.

Originally, Mr. Scott wanted to open this museum because there was no car museum in St. Louis. He thought it would be a great new concept to consign cars to sell, store them on the showroom floor, and allow people to come walk around and look at them. It later turned into purchasing vehicles to sell, while still doing a little consignment. It’s the perfect environment for this concept with the entire building being climate controlled.

Not only did this become a car museum and dealership, it became a place where Mr. Scott was able to display all the things he has collected over the years and share them with everyone. From automotive nostalgia, to antique gas pumps restored to perfect condition, model planes, cars, and trains, rustic signage, and classic neon signs the St. Louis Car Museum has it all! You will see a little bit of everything here at the St. Louis Car Museum. We hope you enjoy the experience.