St Louis Car Museum Donates a 1970s Classic Car to the 2014 Overland Police Department Annual Golf Tournament!

Posted: Jul 16 2019


Overland Police Department Golf Tournament sponsored by St Louis Car Museum

The St Louis Car Museum generously donated a beautiful 1972 Buick Skylark Convertible GS455 Stage I Clone as a "Hole In One Prize" at the 2014 Overland Police Dept. Annual Golf Tournament! 




Unfortunately, not a single hole in one was made and therefore the gorgeous Buick made its way back to our showroom. Someone did, however, come within 3 inches of cruising home in a classic Buick but just missed the ticket! May next time!


1972 Buick Skylark Convertible GS455 Stage I Clone




It's always a pleasure and an honor to assist our first responders in any way. We hope that the Overland Police Department will allow us to attend their event again in the future where someone may be lucky enough to go home with a classic car for their automotive collection! 


Visit the Overland Police Departments Facebook Page to stay on top of local news and safety updates.



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