Our Gorgeous 1953 C-Type Replica Featured In ReinCarNation Magazine

Posted: Oct 04 2016

ReinCarNation, a platform that caters to continuation, replica, and low volume automobile enthusiasts, took notice and featured our 1953 C-Type Replica in a brief article discussing the vehicles rich history! 



According to Dean Larson of ReinCarNation, The 1953 British racing green Jaguar C-Type 1953 was to participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and driven by Duncan Hamilton and Tony Rolt. Following an issue with competing numbers on the track, the green C-Type was dismissed from the race, leaving the two drivers twiddling their thumbs and eventually heading to the local pub. Come to find out, this would be a huge mistake as the Jaguar would be invited back only moments after. Today the story of the two sloshed behind the wheel during such a historic event, which resulted in a record-breaking 105.85 mph average speed, is debated by many. Making the story of the 1953 British racing green Jaguar C-Type all the more interesting!

Larson goes on to mention "The builders of this 1953 C-Type Replica haven’t cut any corners. It was built in Buenos Aires, Argentina by Automoviles Especiales, and while the company’s website leaves something to be desired, this C-Type does not. Its handmade aluminum bodywork was constructed using specifications from an authentic C-Type racecar and is reported to be 100-percent correct in panel dimensions and thickness."




Dean even mentions the quality investment associated with this particular model by stating "With an asking price of $124,900, this C-Type Replica is on the money for an aluminum-bodied example. While it’s possible to find a more accurate C-Type replica, it will most likely be priced in the $150,000 to $200,000 range, making this a great value for a high-quality C-Type that can actually be driven."

Not surprisingly, this gorgeous 1953 C-Type Replica recently sold to an excited collector who will surely go on to enjoy each cruise and every bit of this models interesting history! 




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