Advantages of Dealer Purchases Online

Posted: Jul 16 2019

Advantages of Dealer Purchases Online

Buying a vehicle online, or anything for that matter can be a little intimidating. There is always a lot of questions that one might have when purchasing an item sight-unseen. St. Louis Car Museum believes in creating a wonderful, stress-free car buying experience! We'd like to highlight some thoughts you may have before taking that initial leap and the advantages of dealer purchases online.

A dealer is safer than a private seller

Buying from a dealer is actually much safer than buying from a private seller. With the dealership title, we are licensed by the government and have a 20+ year reputation to uphold. We strive on keeping an excellent rating and want return customers! Each vehicle is described by industry professionals; every detail from driveability to cosmetic flaws are noted. Conversely, we believe in selecting the very best quality classic and collectible cars for our inventory. Although we can not offer warranties on our classic cars, we strive to send them to our customers in the best condition possible. All vehicles undergo a safety inspection and reconditioning process to ensure quality vehicles leave our facility! You can check out our testimonials page to read reviews from various clients of ours.

The photos

All of our photos are done by our in-house photographer. We try to get every angle and detail of each vehicle to create a virtual showroom so that you can feel at ease without being able to see the car in person. Our photos are true representations of the cars! We don't use any special studio lighting, and all the photos are unedited. We welcome additional photo requests if needed. Along with the photos we offer videos of the vehicles, whenever possible so that you can see and hear the vehicle driving.

Payment and Title

Sending large amounts of money for an online purchase can be nerve-racking! Internet scams have sadly become a common reality today. Rest assured that when you purchase a vehicle from us, you are actually purchasing a vehicle! We will never ask you to pay us in any form that can't be traced to protect you. A formal buyers agreement will accompany all of our cars, along with bank wire instructions. We also accept cashiers check and personal checks, however, both must be cleared before the vehicle can be released. We only sell vehicles with transferable titles, unless otherwise noted and discussed before the purchase, so you can be assured that the vehicle you bought can indeed be owned by you legally. Our title clerk will Fed Ex you a package containing all necessary documents to receive a new title and license in your name. For our overseas clients, we arrange all the paperwork to be sent to the car to customs so it can properly be inspected for export.


We couldn't make shipping of the vehicle any easier for you! Our vast knowledge and contacts make safely transporting your new vehicle anywhere in the world a stress-free task. We understand the logistics of transporting your new purchase can be intimidating and scary. Rest assured that our vehicles are safely stored in our climate-controlled building until they are loaded onto the transport truck. We recommend enclosed transport to protect the car from the elements during transit. We work with insured, licensed transport professionals. Most all of our preferred transport companies ship collector cars exclusively and have special trailers built to accommodate those vehicles. In closing, our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best collector car purchasing experience we can. If you have any questions please feel free to contact a member of our staff.

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